Introducing the NEW Oakridge BLAZE!

Posted by Brian Telfer on Dec 24 2018 at 07:12AM PST

Welcome to the BLAZE!

The Oakridge BLAZE 2006 Girls Competitive Team (Tier 1) is a group of highly motivated, competitive athletes who first came together under the immensely successful Oakridge SPARKS program. Most have trained and played together for the past five years, while others have joined along the way. The fact that these girls have remained together for so long, and are now continuing under the new banner of The BLAZE is a testament to the friendships formed, the skills developed, the confidence gained, and the intense passion fostered for the sport of Soccer. These positive effects are reflective of a sound program and coaching, where player development and teamwork are key components in the BLAZE experience. Our girls train hard and play hard, but never lose sight of the ultimate goal, which is to have FUN. More than other programs, the BLAZE experience not only promotes FUN through training and games, but also through team events and activities off the pitch, that strengthen bonds and build meaningful friendships our girls will carry with them into their adult lives. These girls began as SPARKS, but have grown into a mighty BLAZE!

“Catch the SPARK, join the BLAZE!”


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