It's More Than Just A Game

Posted by U13G Blaze on Dec 20 2017 at 04:53AM PST in 2016-2017

Since we started this program 4 years ago, we have always said that it was more than just what happens on the field. It was about building the skills we would need to compete on the field but it was also about all the relationships we would create by participating in off field events & activities that would make us a strong group.

We are very fortunate to have 30 great families who participate in the SPARKS Program; from practices to games to festivals & tournaments to pool parties to ice cream treats and everything in between, we are lucky to have such a great, well rounded group of people.

The annual SPARKS Holiday Party was once again a great success with nearly 80 people attending! A very special thank you to Betsy Exley for organizing the event!

We look forward to more great soccer in 2018!

Coach Chris, Sebastian, Lucas, Sacha, Brian, Roy, Mackenzie, and Anas


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